Vikings season 6

The new season of the historical drama directed by Ken Girotti, created by the order of the channel History.

Continuation of the series “Vikings” will be available for viewing on December 4, 2019 on the History channel.


This is a gift to TV viewers from Irish filmmakers Kiaran Donnelly, Johan Rank, and Ken Girotti. In 2013 he officially came out.

The historical genre of the film is thought through to the finest detail. The film reflects the nature of the iron character of the ancient social estate of the Vikings, who had to win their strength and courage in a world in which wisdom was not in the last place.

The film tells the story of the formation of the Viking King – Ragnar Lodbrock. Persistence and courage helped him in the difficult struggle for the throne. Vikings compared a brave warrior to the god of war Odin.

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The conquest of fertile and rich lands is the main goal, which was always welcomed by the Viking warriors. To develop their class, they needed material recharge, which they found in those localities that subordinated their power through force. Small, small profits and small incomes raids on various villages did not satisfy the needs of the Viking army.

As a farmer, Ragnar Lodbrock, played by the talented actor Travis Fimmel in the film, stands for a promising profit by marching to the Western lands. The event foreshadows a danger, so the ruler of the active Vikings rejects all attempts at an offensive.

Vikings season 6
Promo: Vikings season 6

But the ardent young warrior insists on his own, he goes against his will, subordinates the most worthy and strong warriors to his confident head and is going on a campaign. He carefully thinks through all the plans for the offensive.

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To get to the rich land of the Anglo-Saxons, Ragnar undertakes a complex undertaking – the construction of a high-speed sea vessel. He is assisted in this matter by a skillful master who also craves the success of the conceived plan.

Support for half of the Viking tribe gives Lodbroke energy boost, inspires confidence in him that everything will turn out as it should.

Of course, on the way to the desired conquest, many trials will have to be passed on to all of them, there will be difficulties, disappointments, but there will be hope for a better future. All these emotions are so sincerely transmitted on the screen that it is simply impossible not to believe them.

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The film is full of bright decorations, beautiful realistic characters, skillful shooting moments of brave battles. It is impossible to watch this movie without a burst of the most ambiguous emotions.

The Viking camp, subordinated to Ragnar, manages to complete the business successfully. Passing through doubts, blood and perseverance, Lodbrock becomes the ruler of the Vikings.

Vikings season 6 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6x01Series 1December 4, 2019
6x02Series 2December 11, 2019
6x03Series 3December 18, 2019
6x04Series 4December 25, 2019
6x05Series 5January 1, 2020
6x06Series 6January 8, 2020
6x07Series 7January 15, 2020
6x08Series 8January 22, 2020
6x09Series 9January 29, 2020
6x10Series 10February 5, 2020

Vikings – Behind The Scenes (Funny Moments)

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