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1800s. Abby Walker, a Boston native, has always wanted to leave her home. In this she was supported by her husband, whose work as sheriff proved how the city was steeped in crime. Wishing to start over, they go to Texas, but on the way, robbers attack their wagon. Abby is the only one who miraculously survived, but her husband said goodbye to life in front of her eyes…

“Walker: Independence ss 2”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the western TV series “Walker: Independence” was announced for the fall of 2023. Produced by Jared Padalecki. The TV show is a prequel to the 2021 series “Walker” and Jared stars in it.


Hoyt Rawlins is a real rogue. He easily rushes into adventures, killed more than once, while considering it his duty to preserve the remnants of humanity. This pushes him to do good deeds, and because of this, sometimes Hoyt even looks stupid. Pure luck saves him from imminent death and dozens of enemies, but, alas, it is not able to keep Rawlins forever.

Hoyt’s next adventure, in which he pretended to be a priest and slept with almost all the women from the nearby village, almost made him a corpse. The locals became so angry that they sent Rawlins to dig his own grave. But the man guarding him did not notice and missed the exact blow with a shovel. So Hoyt got rid of another trouble.

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At this time, the Indians bring to the city a girl whom they found with a bullet wound and cured. Because the woman is white and unable to live in their village, Calian, a guide, helped her get to Texas, where she could get help from the local sheriff. Abby decides to go straight for help, but accidentally meets Hoyt, moreover, the meeting turns out to be fateful for both.

Frame from the TV show

Hoyt cleverly steals her wedding ring, and Abby only later realizes what happened. When she reaches the sheriff, she prepares to tell the story in which her dead husband, who was coming here to take this position, was brutally killed by several shots at close range. But when she sees the one who now holds this position, she changes her mind.

The sheriff turns out to be the man who killed her husband and took his name for himself. Leaving with nothing, Abby goes to the bank where the robbery is taking place. The criminal turns out to be a complete loser, and he has to take Abby hostage. Only she knows that the tied scarf hides the face of her new acquaintance. Now it is necessary to avenge the husband who was killed like an animal.

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Abby asks Hoyt to kill the new sheriff and tells part of her story. At first, he does not agree, but when a woman settles in Texas and shows her abilities, he changes his mind. The point now is only for revenge, which obscures the eyes of the widow. But Hoyt completely forgot that luck sometimes turns away from even the luckiest people. What will become of this strange couple in season 2?

Actors and their roles

  • Abby — a widow, ready to take revenge on the one who forced her to wear such a status; prepares for life in a new place and settles well; smart, well-read, knows how to play the piano, uses her social manners in communicating with others and easily impresses a girl from high society — Katherine McNamara.
  • Hoyt Rawlins — a swindler, a rogue, and at the same time a favorite of women; contacts Abby, who tries in any way to get Hoyt to kill the new sheriff; he is proficient with weapons, which makes him a difficult target for those who try to shoot him, having already drawn their gun — Matt Barr.
  • Kai — local resident; picks up dirty clothes from brothels for washing; from the very beginning, kind to Abby, later becomes her friend — Lawrence Kao.
  • Calian — the Indian who found Abby; helped her get to Texas and sometimes appeared in her life as a kind adviser; understands that white people will never accept him as their own, so he lives away from the city with his brothers and sisters — Justin Johnson.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Larry Teng, who worked on the TV series “Criminal Minds”, “Animal Kingdom“, “Graceland”, “Hawaii Five-0” and others, was invited to the project as one of the directors.
  2. Katherine McNamara is not only a beautiful actress, but also a child prodigy in her family. At the age of 14, she managed to get a high school diploma, and after 3 years, a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in business administration from Drexel University. Since the girl works from a young age, school and university education sometimes had to be done online.
  3. The pilot episode was filmed in early 2022 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. The production process for the main episodes started in July 2022 and lasted 4 months in the same city.

Walker: Independence Season 2 - release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1autumn 2023
2x02Series 2autumn 2023
2x03Series 3autumn 2023
2x04Series 4autumn 2023
2x05Series 5autumn 2023
2x06Series 6autumn 2023
2x07Series 7autumn 2023
2x08Series 8autumn 2023
2x09Series 9autumn 2023
2x10Series 10autumn 2023

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