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For Cordell Walker, being a sheriff has always been a joy. Every criminal in Austin knew him by sight and no one dared to argue with him. One day he spends an evening with his parents and children. At this time, through the swampy area, his wife runs away from the killer, who catches up with her exactly at the moment when she manages to get through to her husband…


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“Walker ss 4”: release date, announcement

Thanks to the efforts of Jared Padalecki, the crime-drama TV show “Walker” resonated with the public and is rated at about 6 points on aggregator sites. However, the series was not officially renewed for the season 4. Despite rumors about the closure of the project after the season 3, this information has not been confirmed. We are waiting for the continuation of the TV show, which, according to film critics, will be released in the fall of 2023.


Emily’s death has eclipsed the world around Walker. He was so lost that he did not know how to continue to live. After agreeing to go undercover, he left the children in the care of his parents and left town for nearly a year. Here, few people wanted to work with such a recalcitrant cop, because Cordell often got into a fight if this could somehow bring him closer to catching the criminal.

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Walker developed his own code of honor, which did not always comply with local laws. Upon arrival, he realized how many mistakes he had made. In the police, Walker was assigned as a partner to the rookie Micki. Her boyfriend adored Cordell and considered him his idol. But the girl quickly realized that there would be a lot of problems with Walker.

Cordell can’t be at home. The children could not forgive him for leaving the city. After all, it was they who lost their mother and needed more support, and they were literally left orphans. His daughter Stella follows all the instructions of her father exactly the opposite. The girl is friends with dubious people, walks at night and does not consider it necessary to answer for her actions to her parent.

Frame from the TV show

As Stella escalates the tension with drug use, Micki reassures Cordell that she won’t shield his shady dealings if her reputation is at stake. It turns out that the woman is brave only in words. When there was a specific situation where Walker beat the criminal, Micki decided to stand up for him. Thus began a close collaboration between the two partners.

Cordell tells her about leads that could lead him to Emily’s killer. Micki understands that this case needs to be investigated, and together they begin to search. The woman quickly realizes why Cordell is forgiven for indiscretion in dealing with bandits and how he delighted her boyfriend, who never spoke about his admiration for anyone in his life…

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The season 2 focuses more on Cordell’s relationship with his brother Liam. It is hard for the main character to accept the fact that he openly breaks the law and does such vile things that Liam can be called a criminal. In season 3, Walker will have to face a new criminal gang, which can provide answers to many questions. And what will happen next?..

Actors and their roles

  • Cordell Walker — everyone in his native Austin knows him, since he has protected the city from crime for many years; reacts negatively to offenders, if they allow themselves not to be shy in expressions; treats Micki well, with whom he managed to become friends; trying to influence the children who harbored a grudge against him during his absence — Jared Padalecki.
  • Liam — Cordell’s brother, also serves in the police; reveals himself as an unscrupulous law enforcement officer when he forges a warrant to search a suspect’s apartment; during Cordell’s absence, supported the children and understood his brother, who needed time to survive the death of his beloved woman — Keegan Allen.
  • Micki Ramirez — proud of being appointed to the Texas Rangers, because none of the women have yet managed to break through to such heights; always stands on the side of a partner and protects him in all situations; outwardly small and defenseless, but in fact, she perfectly owns weapons and fighting techniques — Lindsey Morgan.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Initially, the character of Cordell was created under Jared Padalecki. After filming the season 2, it became known that Jared’s best friend, Jensen Ackles, would soon appear in the series. Fans have long been asking them to work together again after the TV show “Supernatural” was closed.
  2. Actress Genevieve Padalecki became the screen wife of Cordell Walker. Few people know that she is the real wife of Padalecki. Having given birth to three children, she practically stopped acting in films, providing earnings to her husband. The family has been happily married since 2010 and is one of the strongest celebrity couples.
  3. The fate of Liam in the TV series “Walker, Texas Ranger” is different from what the writers have prepared for him in the remake.
  4. In December 2021, it was revealed that The CW had begun work on a prequel to the TV show “Walker” titled “Walker: Independence“, which premiered on October 6, 2022. Jared Padalecki acted as an executive producer in the new project, and Anna Fricke became the showrunner of the picture.

Walker Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 12023
4x02Series 22023
4x03Series 32023
4x04Series 42023
4x05Series 52023
4x06Series 62023
4x07Series 72023
4x08Series 82023
4x09Series 92023
4x10Series 102023

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