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19th century, San Francisco. Sahm arrives in the city along with other people who have decided at least something to profit on a foreign land. . Life in China has long become unbearable, since most often people did not live up to their venerable age. But Sahm has a different goal – he wants to find his sister Mai Ling and bring her back home. But his sister has long had other plans for life…

“Warrior ss 3”: release date, announcement

It was rumored that the season 2 of the TV show “Warrior” was the final. But how can this be with such a high rating of the TV series? Fortunately, the rumors remain rumors, and we continue to wait for the premiere of new episodes.

At the moment, it is known that in April 2021 the TV series “Warrior” was not only renewed for season 3, but also officially switched to HBO Max. However, it was also announced that no new episodes would premiere before spring 2023. We continue to follow the news.
p.s. It’s official: Season 3 of the TV series “Warrior” will premiere on June 29, 2023!


Immediately upon arrival, Sahm is in trouble. And even though he easily throws American police in the corners, he is noticed by the local mafia. Having made the guy a stigma about Sahm belonging to their clan, the mafiosi equated him with themselves. Not seeing anything reprehensible in this mark, the main character starts looking for his relative.

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The first person he starts asking about his sister is the owner of the brothel, Toy. The woman immediately makes an indelible impression on Sahm. But soon after talking with her, thugs rush into the brothel looking for a person who was interested in Mai Ling. By winning the fight again, Sahm defends his honor and gets himself in big trouble.

It turns out that many years ago, his sister needed to marry a tyrant. For years she lived with him in San Francisco, endured endless beatings, rape, and her brother never came for her. When the girl solved her problems on her own, Sahm appeared and invited her to go back to China. Mai Ling refused and wished to never see her brother again.

Frame from the TV show

Now the girl is successfully participating in the sale of opium and is trying to make sure that a peace treaty is not signed between the two groups. Much depends on this, including her future.

Sahm realized that his sister did not need him. He wanted to go home, but fate intervened in his plans. The beginning relationship with Toy brought a lot of new things into his life, including the truth – what she really does. Her abilities did not leave him indifferent.

Now the main character has to think about several lives at the same time, because he, his sister and Toy have become figures in the struggle for power, which means they will want to eliminate them. Will Sahm’s life be cut short in a foreign land or will he still be able to leave San Francisco with his sister? And what will become of Toy?

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Actors and their roles

  • Sahm – came from China to pick up his sister; speaks excellent English thanks to his English grandfather; after a failed attempt to rescue Mai Ling, he decides to go home, but he is not allowed to do so, since he is already involved in a bloody war between clans from Chinatown – Andrew Koji.
  • Toy – the owner of a brothel; inflamed with feelings for Sahm as soon as she saw him on the doorstep of the establishment; after he did not sleep with her prostitute, Toy gave herself to him herself, but did not disclose her secrets; at night she picks up a huge knife and kills those she dislikes; Toy is a good friend and many people appreciate this quality in her – Olivia Cheng.
  • Mai Ling – sister of Sahm; several years ago, while living in China, she saved her family by marrying the current Mafioso from Chinatown; was subjected to violence, but was able to endure everything, while she did not forgive her brother that he left her in a difficult situation and found only when she herself was able to solve her problems – Dianne Doan.

Interesting Facts

  1. Spectators can notice how different the setting of the battle scenes. When Americans fight, their fighting style is preserved. As for the Chinese, in particular Sahm, the director tried to maintain the style of fighting, which is similar to that of the great Bruce Lee. This is what the audience was expecting, so there is no doubt about the abundance of battle scenes.
  2. Andrew Koji has been practicing martial arts since childhood. When he came to the casting, he had many advantages over other actors – he speaks very good English, knows practical fighting skills, has a model appearance and looks great in the frame. All the qualities of the actor were well received by the producers and director Loni Peristere.
  3. The fight scenes were directed by Lin Oeding. Not so long ago he took up another sports project, “Cobra Kai“, which tells about the continuation of the life of karate boys from the film of the same name, released decades ago.
  4. Olivia Cheng refused to show her body on camera. Even the shot where she shows her breasts to the protagonist through the glass door, and then he sees her naked, was made using computer processing, which did not have to be applied in two seasons of the show in any other scene.
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Warrior Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1June 29, 2023
3x02Series 2July 6, 2023
3x03Series 3July 13, 2023
3x04Series 4July 20, 2023
3x05Series 5July 27, 2023
3x06Series 6August 3, 2023
3x07Series 7August 10, 2023
3x08Series 8August 17, 2023
3x09Series 9August 24, 2023
3x10Series 10August 31, 2023

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