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Fraser Wilson was not lucky – instead of the usual New York, he ended up at a military base in Italy, where his mother was sent to work. No matter how hard it was for a guy without friends, he soon finds himself company. But it’s hard for a 14-year-old teenager to make new acquaintances, because he is becoming more and more clearly aware of his own bisexuality…

“We Are Who We Are ss 2”: release date, announcement

Currently, the sequel to the TV series “We Are Who We Are” has not been announced, as the story of Fraser Wilson is ambiguous from the point of view of the audience. He is neither good nor bad – he tries to be who he is. On the other hand, film critics emphasize the depth of the themes touched upon in the film. And this may be the reason for the development of several more storylines.

How will a guy behave when external factors further irritate his young soul? Having found a good friend, he can go on the right path, but will Caitlin stay with him for a long time?


Adolescents raised in a lesbian family are not always treated with tolerance, as is the case in the United States. Anything can happen, but it seems that Fraser is no longer surprised by such nonsense. He’s not just not afraid to stand out from the crowd – he goes from the opposite. He does not make acquaintances, dresses extravagantly, paints nails, hair and does not deny himself many things at all.

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This behavior does not match the son of a military unit commander. Fraser’s mother, Sarah, was called with his wife Maggie to Italy, where Sarah had to become the leader of a military detachment. Agreeing, she had to move with her son and wife from New York, which was unpleasant news for both. Wilson lives with the idea that his mother does not value him and only loves Maggie.

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At this time, Maggie herself is convinced that Sarah loves only herself and her ambitions. Upon arrival at the Italian military base, Fraser and Maggie become even closer, as both often become misunderstood by the head of the family. Sarah even at home tries to keep everything under control, even if Fraser often acts his way.

Frame from the TV show

The guy soon strikes up a friendly relationship with a girl from his class – Caitlin. She, while her relatives do not see, dresses in men’s clothes and lies that she is a guy. Noticing this, the main character decides to offer his help, and ultimately a close relationship is struck between them. Everything is spoiled by parents who do not want to see in teenagers what they are fighting so hard for.

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In addition to friendship with Caitlin, a lot of attention is paid to the love relationship of Fraser and one of his classmates. Accepting his bisexuality is another turning point in the guy’s life. Will he finally be able to win the favor of his mother and maintain friendship with Caitlin, whose parents are against communication with the “unusual” boy? And how will his relationship with the guy that Fraser liked so much develop? Will there be a close connection between them and where will all this lead?

Actors and their roles

  • Fraser Wilson – teenage rebel; acceptance of bisexuality does not give him peace, but he is able to abstract from the crowd and listen to himself; Fraser is friends with Caitlin and realizes that one day they will be forbidden to communicate, because their families are different; accuses his mother of leaving New York, where his friend remained, whom he misses every day more – Jack Dylan Grazer.
  • Caitlin Poythress – Fraser’s friend; trying to feel like a man, she goes to a bar and pretends to be a guy, but Fraser notices her and decides to help her become a real man; together they shave, Caitlin even cut her luxurious hair, left a mustache, does not want to obey her parents who do not understand her friendship with Fraser Wilson – Jordan Kristine Seamón.
  • Sarah Wilson – mother of the protagonist; worried about her career and starts close relationships only with those who do not prevent her from doing this, which makes Maggie unhappy and Fraser lonely; Sarah is an openly lesbian, and a military commander who came to Italy to run a military base; she is tough where it really needs to be, although her son thinks differently – Chloë Sevigny.
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Interesting Facts

  1. For Jack Dylan Grazer, this is not the first large-scale role, but the character of such a character as Fraser, Jack has to play for the first time. His memorable role was a boy living under the oppression of his mother from the movie “It“, who was afraid of his own shadow and never went against other people’s opinions.
  2. Chloë Sevigny has undergone a crash course in military training to harmonize her role as the strength of the lesbian union and the commander-in-chief of a military base. At the same time, for 2 months she had to sit on a low-carb diet in order to lose weight, correct her body and look more masculine.
  3. Viewers in Europe were delighted with the TV series “We are who we are”, because nowadays teenagers remain in childhood for a very long time, not accepting real life and not perceiving themselves as adults.

We Are Who We Are Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced
2x07Series 7not announced
2x08Series 8not announced

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