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A chance meeting between Baba and Frederica becomes a bright event in the lives of both. Baba cannot explain to himself what prompted him to do terrible things for the sake of a girl. Freddy could not even think that she would fall head over heels in love with such a man — he is not rich, unknown to anyone, but his desire to do anything for her sake drives her crazy. How far can such love lead?

“We Hunt Together ss 3”: release date, announcement

The British thriller “We Hunt Together” has not been officially renewed for the season 3, however, according to film critics, the TV series will continue and, most likely, the premiere will traditionally take place in May, but in 2023. Recall that the first 2 seasons, rated on Imdb at 7.1 points, came out in May: in 2020 and 2022, respectively.


Frederica loved a luxurious life, grand gestures and was generally prone to outrageous acts. And although before the events described in the TV series, her ambitions did not go out of the ordinary, she was moving in the same direction. Freddy worked in a small office where the girls took calls from dissatisfied customers and did everything to satisfy them.

Freddy constantly disregarded the general rules. The wayward lady often received a reprimand from her superiors and at the same time never drew conclusions. She didn’t care if she stayed here or not. On a dating site, Frederica met a man named Simon Goodbridge, and one evening she decided to go with him to a local club. There she met Baba by chance.

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The man worked in this place not so long ago and Simon did not like him at first sight. Having humiliated Baba in front of the girl, he did not immediately see what a stormy spark flashed between them. Later, after trying to rape Freddy in the alley behind the club, Simon ran into the wrath of Baba, who was ready to kill Goodbridge. Freddy stopped her defender from committing a crime in time..

Frame from the TV show

When Baba left, Freddy called for help and did not call the police — so she wanted to divert suspicion from her protector. Not having time to understand where the blows were coming from, Simon decided to figure it out on his own, because according to Freddy, out of fear, she covered her face with her hands and did not see the attacker. Threatening her with violence, he forced the girl to come to him in the evening and confess everything.

At this time, Freddy decided to invite Baba on a date, which they spent on children’s rides. A few days later, Simon will be found tied up in his own apartment, his body will be lifeless, and the cops will immediately go to the girl who called the intercom on the eve of his death. Who committed the crime and why? Did Baba go to such lengths for the sake of his beloved?

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The case will be handed over to Lola Franks and her partner Jackson Mendy, whose optimism no one shares. Jackson spent many years in the criminal department, but this cannot be said from his kindness and responsiveness — a man easily starts a dialogue with any interlocutor, and only Lola finds something bad in this. Trying to get used to a colleague and understand the case, Lola and Jackson get down to business…

Actors and their roles

  • Frederica “Freddy” — a charming white girl who managed to impress Baba from the first meeting; kindled feelings for him almost immediately and, not seeing any initiative on his part, decided to take the first steps on her own — Hermione Corfield.
  • Babeni “Baba” — faced violence many times; stood up for Freddy and was ready to kill Simon right on the threshold of the club, if Freddy asked him about it; during the day he works in the church — Dipo Ola.
  • Lola Franks — leads a murder case; closed woman; suspicious of Jackson, bit by bit collecting information about his former work — Eve Myles.
  • Jackson Mendy — a good-natured African American, recently transferred to the department where Lola works; the murder of Goodbridge was their first joint case — Babou Ceesay.
  • Simon Goodbridge — a lonely man who loves female attention; before his death, he actively communicated with four dozen different girls; humiliated Baba when he asked not to violate the rules of the club; a few days later he was found dead with a knife in his head — Nigel Harman.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Hermione Corfield’s height is 173 cm. When an actor was chosen for the role of Baba, it was not easy to find a person against whom she would look like a small, fragile girl. After 2 weeks, Dipo Ola came to the casting with excellent acting and physical data.
  2. Viewers first saw Dipo Ola recently. It happened in 2020, when the TV series “COBRA” was released, and immediately Ola was considered an actor with a bright future. Having landed a leading role in the TV show “We Hunt Together”, various directors have already taken an interest in this talent. By the way, Dipo graduated from the Oxford School of Drama, which produced many stars, such as Babou Ceesay, Dipo’s colleague in our TV show.
  3. Since 2008, after starting a relationship with Bradley Freegard, Eve Myles has practically not been filmed. Before filming the TV series “We Hunt Together”, she last participated in the project “Victoria“, which was released in 2016. At the moment she is raising three children and is engaged in housework.
  4. The composer of the project was Jon Opstad, who wrote the music for the TV series “Black Mirror” and “Silent Witness”, which currently has 25 seasons.

We Hunt Together Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1May 2023
3x02Series 2May 2023
3x03Series 3May 2023
3x04Series 4May 2023
3x05Series 5May 2023
3x06Series 6May 2023

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