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Mankind is constantly interested in new technologies – be it household items or a computer game. In the future, people became so fed up with banal innovations that a whole quest was created for rich guests – its name is “Westworld”. Here people could visit a place that resembled Texas…

When is “Westworld Season 4” coming out?

The sequel to the captivating TV show “Westworld” has been officially announced. It is known that the shooting of the season 4 ended in December 2021, so we should not expect the premiere of new episodes before June 2022.

p.s. Official: Season 4 of the TV series “Westworld” is scheduled to premiere on June 26, 2022!


The development of such a “world” took decades, but a successful start allowed the creators to earn money on this. In coming up with various stories for their characters, developers periodically update the data. But this time, a new update failed. And the reason for this was unexplained events for workers – people-machines began to behave differently from how it was programmed.

The main developer of the project Bernard was the first to notice deviations in the behavior of some heroes. One of the local prostitutes from Westworld began to behave strangely, which distinguished her from the rest of the machines. Acquiring human features, the prostitute became more alluring for the guests who were brought to Westworld.

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Later, another prostitute named Maeve told the developers that she was dreaming … How so? Bernard is thoroughly familiar with his characters – he is well aware of the absence of dreams from machines. Maeve herself begins to remember that she had a different life – once she had a daughter, and Maeve lived in a simple house, and now she is a simple prostitute…

Frame from the series

Meanwhile, a man in black kills other characters in the game. He is demanding of Westworld and hopes to find the entrance to a maze. A man in black searches for certain characters, kills some, and leaves some alive as informants. Perhaps he is changing the consciousness of machines to human?

Inexplicable events in Westworld would continue to happen, but once many mistakes were made by the characters. As there were more and more guests, the stories of the characters failed, which had to be fixed in a short time. Only the mission dragged on and the developers had to look for other ways to remove the problems…

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Actors and their roles

  • Maeve – a prostitute character; constantly hanging around in the bar; at the beginning of the series, she told all the guests about the unknown man who appeared to her in a dream, because of this, her popularity began to fall and Bernard had to think about eliminating the character; Maeve treasures her girls who zealously puts under clients – Thandie Newton.
  • Bernard – the main developer; better than others understands the problems that are happening in Westworld, but Bernard does not want to reveal his secrets; he is very sorry for the characters, especially at times when he has to erase their memory after talking with the developers; hides his sexual relationship with a work colleague – Jeffrey Wright.
  • Dolores – character of Westworld; sweet, naive, in love with Teddy, who periodically comes and goes; she is programmed to leave the house, do business, then go to the river and paint a portrait of horses; Dolores becomes one of the central characters after a man in black killed her lover – Evan Rachel Wood.
  • The Man in Black – for 30 years trying to get close to his goal; looking for some entrance to the maze, which will help him find answers to his questions; kills everyone indiscriminately; he himself does not succumb to bullets; perfectly owns weapons; riding his horse everywhere – Ed Harris.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Ed Harris often allowed understudies to replace him in scenes where he rides a horse. Age does not allow him to ride easily, but in the story he often spends time in this position. We can notice that the scene when his character mounts the horse is filmed from the back.
  2. Evan Rachel Wood all the first season persuaded make-up artists not to make these terrible curls near her ears, but the director forbade her to change the image of Dolores. She had to agree. By the way, later Evan got her way, because she was allowed to change her hairstyle.
  3. Thandie Newton has the largest actor fee. For scenes with her participation without clothes, she received a surcharge. It was an extra amount added to her fee. Newton did not want to star naked, but the director had a clear task.

Westworld Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1June 26, 2022
4x02Series 2July 3, 2022
4x03Series 3July 10, 2022
4x04Series 4July 17, 2022
4x05Series 5July 24, 2022
4x06Series 6July 31, 2022
4x07Series 7August 7, 2022
4x08Series 8August 14, 2022

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