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A futuristic amusement park called “Westworld” has been around for a long time. Anyone can get here — you just need to pay. One day, the developers of the program are faced with the fact that robotic dolls begin to restore their accumulated memories. This may overshadow the further work of the park, so the issue must be resolved as soon as possible…

“Westworld ss 5”: release date, announcement

At the moment, the season 5 of the sci-fi drama “Westworld” has not been announced, but we can analyze the known data. Firstly, the high ratings of the released seasons speak in favor of the continuation of the TV series. Secondly, each season was released with an interval of two years (2016, 2018, 2020 and the season 4 was released in 2022). Based on this information, we can assume that the season 5 of “Westworld” will be released no earlier than early 2024.


Dozens of years have been spent developing a virtual world that allows them to earn a lot of money. It took a lot of investments, but the payback was lightning fast. Westworld is a real Texas, filled with robotic technology, perfectly human-like. Those who wish go here to fulfill their deepest desires.

People do not always travel with good intentions — some just want to fulfill their illegal needs, for which they can only be punished in the real world. Each character located in Westworld plays a role — a plot is initially laid in it, which is periodically repeated. Character data needs to be updated, and the next update fails…

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Some heroes don’t behave the way their creators intended. To understand the causes of uncontrolled behavior, a number of measures have to be taken. The head of the project, Bernard, quickly realized that the main problem lies in the depths of memory.

Frame from the TV show

A local prostitute from a bar turns out to be too emotional and behaves differently. This gave her an advantage over others, as visitors liked her resemblance to human. Another lover of one-time sexual entertainment in a conversation mentioned the dreams she sees. This is not provided by the developers, since robotic technology is not able to dream. A woman sees her daughter, the house, and it seems to her that now she is in a completely different place.

Another strange hero is a man dressed in black clothes. He rides a horse, kills robots and does whatever he pleases. He’s smart enough not to get close to anyone who might erase him from the program. For many years, the man in black has been looking for a way out of this game, because he is convinced that everything here is not real …

The characters think they have feelings. Some with bated breath are waiting for their beloved, and someone has to look for their love among the local population. One day, a lot of characters did not behave according to plan. A large influx of visitors affected the plans of the developers and bugs were noticed. But Bernard is forced to eliminate them, who himself has enough problems without that…

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Actors and their roles

  • Bernard — over the years, he has developed a liking for machines and reluctantly deprives them of their memory; understands the causes of the problems occurring in Westworld, but carefully hides this from others, as well as his intimate relationship with his colleague — Jeffrey Wright.
  • Maeve — a local prostitute created by the developers; considered the most influential of all the girls in the park; spends all the time in a bar; recalls the dreams she tells visitors; becomes the focus of Bernard’s attention as Maeve rapidly loses her popularity rating — Thandiwe Newton.
  • Man in Black — a mysterious man who is ready to destroy all the characters in the simulator; spent more than 30 years getting out of here; knows a way to avoid bullet wounds — Ed Harris.
  • Dolores — a robotic character; believes she is in love with a local boy named Teddy; in the program, she must leave the house, take care of everyday life, then draw near the river; one day Man in Black kills Teddy, which becomes the beginning of a new life for Dolores — Evan Rachel Wood.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The project is based on the 1973 film “Westworld”, which was the first film in history to use computer graphics. The audience was shocked by what was happening on the screen, and already 3 years later a new film “Future World” was released, after which the TV show “Beyond Westworld” appeared, which is a continuation of both films.
  2. The author and director of the original film, Michael Crichton, thought about creating a storyline for the future picture after he first visited Disneyland. He rode the attraction “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, and seeing numerous mechanized pirates, he asked himself the question: “What will happen if all these fake pirates come to life and ran amok?”. He replaced the pirates with cowboys, and the story began.
  3. On the IMDb website, 400 thousand viewers participated in the rating and gave the picture 8.6 points out of 10 possible.
  4. The video, showcasing examples of the work of HBO Max, featured footage of actors believed to be dead by viewers. It is believed that these characters will appear in the season 5.

Westworld Season 5: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 12024
5x02Series 22024
5x03Series 32024
5x04Series 42024
5x05Series 52024
5x06Series 62024
5x07Series 72024
5x08Series 82024

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