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The TV show “Why Women Kill” is about three women whose destinies were shattered by male infidelities. A couple of Beth Ann and Rob lived in a beautiful mansion when it was 1963. In 1984, Simone and Karl became the owners of the house, and in 2019 – Eli and Taylor. Three families are at the center of events and they are all linked by infidelity. But which of them will be killed in the end?

“Why Women Kill ss 3”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the drama TV show “Why Women Kill” was originally officially announced after the airing of the season 2. However, just before the start of production of new episodes, the project management decided to close it. The reasons for this are unknown. The season 3 of the TV series “Why Women Kill” will not be released.


Beth Ann and Rob have had wonderful live in the past. They had a child, but after his tragic death, Beth Ann became interested in taking care of the house, and Rob began to make good money. The couple moved into a beautiful mansion, which they recently managed to buy, and now they are actively joining the circle of new acquaintances. Rob overdone the task by having an affair with a waitress in a nearby cafe.

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Beth Ann learned about this from the neighbors, but decided not to spoil the family idyll. Only when the unpleasant secrets of her husband, one after another, began to be revealed, she slowly began to lose patience. Having met the waitress and getting close to a neighbor who told about the betrayal, Beth Ann made a series of actions that she never had to regret. She sold her house.

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And it happened in 1984, when Simone and Karl decided to buy a common house. In her third marriage, Simone was convinced that she had met her true love. Karl was the perfect husband, able to get a star out of the sky. But another social event in their house made the woman go into shock from Karl’s shameful acts. Someone put his photographs on the table.


In these photos, Karl was kissing a man. As a result, only two people saw these photos – Simona, who immediately forced her husband to collect things, and the waiter, who later became her savior. At the end of the evening, deciding to see the state of Karl’s preparations, Simone found him sick, unable to utter a word. This was the beginning of the end.

The woman sold her house only in 2019, when Eli and Taylor, a married couple who retained the right to sleep with other partners, moved into their new home. Their story can hardly be called monotonous, since a girl was involved in it, whose motives were too selfish. But only this couple managed to find a common language before they did the irreparable…

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In season 2, the house passed into new hands and a new story was not long in coming. What’s next for viewers in Season 3? And will it be released? We will find out the answers very soon!

Actors and their roles

  • Simone – a socialite who decided to hide the shame about her husband’s relationship with a man; became the victim of an envious friend who could not survive her own loss and decided to ruin Simone’s life – Lucy Liu.
  • Beth Ann – a typical housewife of the 60s; After learning about her husband’s infidelity and his involvement in the death of her daughter, Beth Ann decided to set up an accident, which helped her to remain the rightful owner of the jointly acquired property, and to make her dreams come true – Ginnifer Goodwin.
  • Taylor – a feminist; works as a lawyer and supports her family; once sheltered her mistress in the house, who deceived Taylor and Eli and wanted to kill them, but the couple quickly guessed the intentions of this selfish woman – Kirby Howell-Baptiste.

Interesting Facts

  1. Simona’s wardrobe and looks were the most expensive for the show’s budget: they spent $ 100,000 on 24 outfits, 12 pairs of shoes, endless hairstyles, makeup and designer jewelry.
  2. Kirby Howell-Baptiste is a real-life advocate of gay marriage, supports feminists, and is a frequent visitor to rallies to support black rights.
  3. The Eli-Taylor couple was copied from the existing family unit of society, which once fell into a difficult situation. Thanks to the third person, they were able to resolve differences in the relationship and now the husband and wife live happily. True, they did not sell their house and live in it to this day.
  4. Lucy Liu received the largest fee – by the time season 1 was released, the actress had earned $ 500,000, deciding to retain the right to take 2% of the total profit after the film was released on TV. Ginnifer Goodwin was in 2nd position – her total was 420 thousand. In third place – Kirby Howell-Baptiste with less screen time and her earnings – 350 thousand.
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Why Women Kill Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1project is closed
3x02Series 2project is closed
3x03Series 3project is closed
3x04Series 4project is closed
3x05Series 5project is closed
3x06Series 6project is closed
3x07Series 7project is closed
3x08Series 8project is closed
3x09Series 9project is closed
3x10Series 10project is closed

Why Women Kill: On Set With Lucy Liu and Ginnifer Goodwin (Exclusive)

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