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There is no limit to the joy of fans, because season 2 of the anime “World Trigger” has just begun, and the project management has already officially announced the work on season 3! It is also known that new episodes will appear in 2021. When will the premiere take place?

Genre — adventure, science fiction.
The premiere of the season 1 took place on October 5, 2014 (73 episodes).
The premiere of the season 2 — January 10, 2021 (13 episodes).

“World Trigger ss 3”: release date, announcement

According to some sources, the break between the 2nd and 3rd seasons will be small. Therefore, the likely time for the appearance of new episodes is the summer of 2021. Other sources suggest that “World Trigger Season 3” will be released closer to fall 2021. Both sources write that the date of the premiere will not be known until recently, because the state of health of Daisuke Ashihara, the author of the original source, is still alarming. The future of the anime series will depend on this.

p.s. The latest official news is that Season 3 will premiere on October 9, 2021. The exact date is still unknown.


In an ordinary small town in Japan, a tragic event takes place: a portal to another world opens, from where monsters begin to appear. The people of the city called them Neighbors. Uninvited guests began to destroy the population, the city gradually disappeared. After all, not a single earthly weapon could destroy the aliens.

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The sudden appearance of an unknown group of people turned out to be the savior of the townspeople. They used the Neighbors’ weapons — triggers — to defend the Earth. After a while the organization “Border” was created with a separate huge building in the center of the city. Its employees monitor the situation in the city and protect the population from the attacks of the Neighbors…

Frame from the anime

4 years have passed since the first appearance of the monster in the city. We meet one of the main characters of the anime — Yuma Kuga. A foreign schoolchild gets into trouble on the very first day at school — classmates did not accept the newcomer, inviting him to a showdown in a restricted area. Osamu Mikumo was the only one to defend the newcomer. But the guy did not yet know what kind of power Kuga was endowed with and who he was…

Main characters

  • Yuma Kuga — attacker of rank B; is a representative of the neighboring world; felt guilty for the death of his father, this worried him for a long period of time; after meeting Osamu, his thoughts and goals were rethought; now the main goal of Yuma is to help Osamu; unlike his friend, Kuga has a high level of Trions and perfectly controls his trigger; always knows if they are telling him a lie or a truth.
  • Osamu Mikumo — Border agent; shooter rank B; the leader of the Mikumo division; people trust Osamu, because everyone knows how decent and honest he is with others; ready to risk his life to save someone else’s; has a low Trion level, but this does not prevent him from striving to be better, stronger.
  • Chika Amatori — B-rank sniper; has an incredibly high Trion level; abilities — feels the presence of the Neighbors, as well as hiding the presence of herself from them; calm, shy girl, rarely talks to anyone; after meeting Osamu, she becomes more open towards others.
  • Yuichi Jin — Officer S-rank, then A-rank; smart, calm guy; ability — to see the future; believes that not all Neighbors are villains, despite the fact that one of them killed his mother; external frivolity is only a shell, he will never put his friends in danger.
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Interesting Facts

  1. In September 2015, the first video game “World Trigger: Borderless Mission”, based on the manga “World Trigger”, was released in Japan. The game was created for the PlayStation Vita console. The video game “World Trigger: Smash Borders” was released in July 2015 for iOS and Android, and in February 2016 for the PlayStation Vita.
  2. All the names of the characters in translation from the Japanese language means something specific. For example, the name Osamu translates as “discipline” (and this describes the protagonist well), and Mikumo literally means “three clouds”.
  3. The first 2 seasons of the anime “WorTri” were created by different directors: season 1 — Mitsuru Hongo (“Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star”, “Ascendance of a Bookworm“, etc.), season 2 — Morio Hatano (“Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac “and others). However, this did not affect the quality of both adaptations. Excellent portrayal of characters and battle scenes — everything is at the highest level.
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World Trigger Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1October 9, 2021
3x02Series 2October 16, 2021
3x03Series 3October 23, 2021
3x04Series 4October 30, 2021
3x05Series 5November 6, 2021
3x06Series 6November 13, 2021
3x07Series 7November 20, 2021
3x08Series 8November 27, 2021
3x09Series 9December 4, 2021
3x10Series 10December 11, 2021

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