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One of the brightest memories of every human of the 90’s is the expectation of new stories of the series “The X-Files”. An unusual story about government misunderstandings and conspiracies, the appearance of extraterrestrial beings, inexplicable and paranormal phenomena – all this with great pleasure was “swallowed” by the viewer. For 9 years, since 1993 and ending in 2002, this series has beat all records on views, and the main characters Dana Scully and Fox Mulder have become the idols of millions of people. It should be noted about the paradoxes of fate, because the creator of the series Chris Carter, Fox television initially refused to produce the project because of the possible disinterest in the series on the part of the viewer. And only after the pilot version, Carter was given a way. The era of the “X-Files” began …

The premiere of the 1st season is September 10, 1993 (24 series).
The premiere of the 9th season is November 11, 2001 (20 episodes).

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After the stunning success of the 9 seasons of the series “The X-Files”, it was decided to close the project. But, by the will of fate, 13 years later, Carter was asked to resume the history of FBI agents. It remained a matter of small – to get the consent of the main actors of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Taking into account the tight working schedule of the actors, the number of the series was decided to be reduced to 6. Moreover, it was not known how well the modern spectator would accept the famous TV series.

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Premiere of the 10th season – January 24, 2016 (6 episodes).
The premiere of season 11 is January 3, 2018 (10 episodes).

When will the 12th season of the cult project “The X-Files” be released?

This question tormented fans of the series immediately after the end of the season 11. There were many rumors about who, after all, did not want to continue the project – the main characters or the Fox network? At the moment, one thing is clear: work on new series is not underway and, most likely, the series “The X-Files 12 season”, beloved by millions, can be called closed. At least for the coming year.

Genre – science fiction, detective, drama.
Number of seasons – 11.
The number of episodes is 218.
Average timekeeping is 45 minutes.



Two completely opposite in the views of the agent of the FBI, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder become partners.

Their task is to work with paranormal and unexplained phenomena occurring on American soil. Agent Mulder, in search of the truth about the kidnapping of his younger sister by extraterrestrial beings, and Agent Scully, who refutes various supernatural situations and finds for all scientific explanations and facts, work perfectly, revealing crimes one after another. Throughout all seasons their friendship grows stronger with each task, and further and at all develops into something more.

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In the 11th season, Scully and Mulder continue to seek a son who disappeared in previous episodes. In addition, the FBI agents will have to uncover intricate deals with doubles, save people from a deadly virus, only Scully will have immunity, and the return of an old friend of Mulder will open a terrible secret …

Actors and roles


  • David Duchovny is FBI agent Fox Mulder.
  • Gillian Anderson is an agent of Dan Scully.
  • Mitch Pileji – deputy. director of the FBI Walter Skinner.
  • Robert Patrick is Agent John Doggett.
  • Annabeth Gish is the agent of Monica Reis.
  • Since David Duchovny took part in filming the last two seasons not so often, and Gillian Anderson did not announce the end of her presence in the series after the eleventh season, the main characters could be their followers Robert Patrick (in the role of John Doggett) and Annabeth Gish (in the role of Monica Reis).

7 interesting facts about the X-Files 12 season

  1. At the top of the popularity of the series “The X-Files” in 1998, the full-length film “The X-Files: Fight for the Future” with favorite actors Duchovny and Anderson in the lead roles. Ten years later, in 2008, another film, “X-Files. I Want to Believe”, is coming out to the audience. According to Chris Carter, there is a script for the third film, the production of which is not yet planned.
  2. The name of the main character Fox Mulder was chosen not by chance. So, “Mulder” is the mother’s maiden name of Chris Carter. But “Fox” is the name of Chris’s best childhood friend. As for the name of the 2nd heroine, Scully, this is the surname of the author of books about UCL’s Frank Scully.
  3. The leaders of the television channel Fox, which broadcast the series, almost from the first series, insisted on the immediate development of a romantic relationship between FBI agents. Chris Carter had to insist on his vision of the picture and categorically did not agree to this turn of the plot.
  4. Producer Chris Carter was seen in the film as an actor. So, he played one of the FBI agents interrogating Scully (season 2, 25 series).
  5. Younger sister Anderson Zouey also played a small role in the film – Agent Scully in his youth (season 5, 6 series).
  6. In the first season, Scully’s agent is abducted by aliens not in the script. In this short period the actress had time to give birth, and after only 10 days continued to work in the frame. The godfather was Chris Carter.
  7. Growth Gillian Anderson – 160 cm, and David Duchovny – 184. So, the actress occasionally had to shoot standing on boxes and other hills.
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The X-Files season 12: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
12x01Series 1not announced
12x02Series 2not announced
12x03Series 3not announced
12x04Series 4not announced
12x05Series 5not announced
12x06Series 6not announced
12x07Series 7not announced
12x08Series 8not announced
12x09Series 9not announced
12x10Series 10not announced

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