X-Men: Dark Phoenix release date

The plot narrates about the life of Jean Gray, a mutant from the school of X-men, who has a monstrous power and can not cope with it, so the mutants have a choice “To save the Earth from imminent death or a member of their team?”

The release date for the movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix June 7, 2019

The plot and background

The film unfolds in 1991 and is taken from the life of Jean Gray. This part will be the next after the release of the film “X-Men: Apocalypse.” dark-phoenixIt shows the life of Jean with the power of Phoenix, as she tries to curb her and deal with all this power. And at that moment the ships of the Empress Shiar are flying to Earth, which wants not only to capture the next planet and conquer the entire human race, but also to destroy the last descendant of the power of Phoenix, because only she can interfere with the implementation of her plan.

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In the previous section, the viewer was already faced with this hero and had similar plans. Apocalypse, which is the most important personification of the evil of the universe and the almighty ruler of the cosmos, flies to the planet to destroy all mutants and conquer the earth. But it was destroyed, young at that time, Jean Gray and could feel the full power of Phoenix on “your own skin.” Jin Gray is the most outstanding character in strength and power. It is more popular only Logan. It is worth noting that in “X-Men 2” Gene dies at the hands of Wolverine, or rather from his claws, when she attacked the island with criminals and failed to control its power to form a mini version of the black hole that sucked and destroyed everything around.

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What to expect from the movie “People-X: The Dark Phoenix”?

As the director said in an interview: “In the middle of the movie, the viewer is waiting for a sharp turn of the plot, which completely changes the direction of the franchise.”

Interesting plot twists and news about the film “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”:

  1. The filming began on June 28, 2017 and the original title of the film was to be “X-Men: Teenage Spirit.”
  2. This part of the famous People’s franchise will be the first work of director Simon Keenberg.
  3. To write the soundtracks for the film called the famous composer Hans Zimmer.
  4. After the premiere of the film, the directors decided to shoot a solo project and link the character Deadpool to the X-Men universe.
  5. The character Kronos (Man of Steel) has already been shot in the movie “Deadpool” and will appear again in the film.
  6. Despite the fact that there is very little information on the Internet about the filming of films, there are professional cadres of the young Jean Gray.
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The cast of actors has changed little from previous films and will include:

  • Mystic – Jennifer Lawrence
  • The Beast – Nicholas Holt
  • Storm – Alexandra Shipp
  • Mercury – Evan Peters

This is far from the full composition of the stars who will take part in the filming of this episode. Despite the fact that there were many requests and suggestions written to the editorial staff to make Logan appear in the film, he will not be there. Since at the time of shooting the film, Logan died on the plot in comics.

Given all of the above, we are waiting for another action action movie with elements of adventure and apocalypse. Life or death are two concepts that will go shoulder to shoulder in the storyline of the film. The Dark Phoenix is ​​the final part of the X-Men franchise. And as the director said and his words were confirmed by the producer of the project, you will remember this part for a long time.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix release date

Movie titleRelease date
X-Men: Dark Phoenix June 7, 2019

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