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XIX century. London streets are full of criminals, ready to kill people at almost every step. Good detectives are sorely lacking, so Inspector Rabbit gets away with many antics. For example, heavy drinking, which rarely turns into sober everyday life. Having lost patience, the police chief decides to assign a young, trained detective to him.

When will the series “Year of the Rabbit Season 2” be released?

In February 2020, the management of the TV show “Year of the Rabbit” officially announced that they were scheduled to release season 2. However, Channel 4 refused to fund the TV project, as the coronavirus pandemic caused them big financial problems. At the moment, the fate of the new episodes of the show is unknown.
The picture has already been noted by critics as a kind of source of humor. But not all viewers enjoyed this kind of humor. The ratings of the series are kept at average marks, and the creators do not hide that the new season may be the final one.


Inspector Rabbit for many years abused alcohol, but at the same time retained first-class skills in apprehending criminals. When the police chief decided to put a young Strauss with Rabbit, he could not even imagine what a strange and strong union was creating. Not a single crime passed, as the partners became friends among themselves, and also adopted a third member in their small group.

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It turned out to be the daughter of the police chief, who dreams of working in the ranks of the cops. But the strict father does not give the go-ahead. Unfortunately, in the XIX century, women had no right to work in the police, so the father categorically forbade Mabel to work in his unit. With a tough temper and an inquiring mind, Mabel helps Rabbit and Strauss to investigate the crimes that fall to their lot.

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Over the years of service, Rabbit has accumulated enemies who take advantage of the stupidity of London society. Tanner brags about his success in the detective business, although in reality he doesn’t represent anything. Popularity came to him due to the fact that he imprisoned innocent people accused of crimes that Tanner had to uncover.

Shot from the series

During the first season, the trio became so close that Rabbit could no longer work alone. Clever Mabel, cheerful Strauss is so sunk into his soul that he is ready to give his life for each of them. Everyone has his own approach to business, and Rabbit is already beginning to understand that old age is inexorably approaching. The heart is already knocked out and he has to put it in place with a thump in the chest.

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As a result, the guys will continue to fight their fears. The rabbit will try not to drink, Mabel will even more strongly resist in the fight for work, and Strauss will remain a good little man who can hardly cope with men’s needs. Well, what crimes will fall on their heads – until it remains a mystery.

Actors and their roles

  • Detective Inspector Eli Rabbit – a drunken alcoholic with detective skills; worked for a long time alone, but eventually got used to working in a team with Mabel and Strauss; suffers from heart pains; endures ridicule from Tanner – Matt Berry.
  • Detective Sergeant Wilbur Strauss – a young student of Rabbit, who cannot hold an erection at the sight of a beautiful girl, even if she is dead; Strauss is friendly, naive, too cheerful – Freddie Fox.
  • Sergeant Mabel Wisbech – a black woman, the adopted daughter of a police chief; has a cool temper; terrorizing his father to hire her, and while he does not allow it, Mabel is forced upon Inspector Rabbit, who is forced to protect her; Mabel is smart and easily uses library knowledge, which Strauss and Rabbit can’t do – Susan Wokoma.
  • Detective Inspector Tanner – the sworn enemy of Rabbit, who does not know how to use deduction skills at all; once he blamed the death of a girl for a man from the crowd who stood in a blue hat only because the dead woman had blue gloves on her hands – Paul Kaye.

Interesting Facts

  1. The scene where Strauss grabs the bike from the wall has been taken more than 10 times. The actor was hit in the eye by a random nail, which he tore along with the bicycle from the wall. Then, with the steering wheel, he hit himself in the temple, after which he lost consciousness. As a result, they re-watched the scene where they see the bike for the first time, having previously outweighed it in a wider room.
  2. Matt Berry enthusiastically talks about his hero. An alcoholic, rowdy, with problems in health, but such an interesting character! Berry was very happy when he was approved for the role. By the way, all the actors involved in the series are approved. No one was invited.
  3. The project was directed by Ben Taylor, who is currently working on another series, but for Netflix, “Sex Education”. Most of the TV shows filmed by Taylor are rated “higher than expected”, which deliberately puts him on a par with the best directors.
  4. Susan Wokoma terribly did not like to wear hundreds of skirts and dresses, because it was not possible to perform tricks in such a dress. Her heroine even has a remark where she speaks out about her outfit. Later, they allowed the actress to wear less skirts under her dress.
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Year of the Rabbit Season 2: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced

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