Youjo Senki season 2

Continuation of the anime series recognized as one of the most popular in 2017, is produced by Yutaka Uemura based on manga by Karlo Zen.

An anime film based on the franchise was announced in January 2018. The film will be a direct sequel to the series. It will premiere on February 8, 2019.

Interesting Facts

Despite the fact that many fans of the genre expressed their dissatisfaction with the screen version of the “Youjo Senki “, there were many fans who dreamed of seeing the sequel.

We hope that the dreams of those who like the series will come true, and in the near future Karl Zen will write a new chapter to the manga, and Yutaka Uemura will embody the idea on the screen.

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Currently, there is no official confirmation of the beginning of the work, the above we managed to get from various foreign sources, to some extent they are true.

Fans are encouraged to follow the news in this article and in the “Anime” section to keep abreast of the latest developments.


The anime storyline starts with the question “Do you believe in life after death?”, Many scientists and argue that after the death we are waiting for rebirth, but for some reason, no one can remember what he did before.

Maybe you were a responsible clerk in the office of a large company, but because of the crisis, it was cut and you committed suicide?

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For the protagonist of the anime “Youjo Senki “, such reincarnation happens, he goes to heaven, to the very Creator of all life on earth.

But our hero does not believe in what is happening, completely denying the existence of great forces, heaven and hell, thus angered the Creator.

In punishment the main character is sent to distant 1914, to the brutal empire of the Great Reich, but not in the same guise, but as a little girl.

But he is left with memories, and as a child he remembers everything that happened to him earlier. Now he is a little sorceress Tanya Degurshaff.

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Youjo Senki season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
Youjo Senki anime filmSeries 1February 8, 2019


Youjo Senki「Los! Los! Los!」FULL – German ver. | Selphius

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