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The judge’s son accidentally commits a crime. Finding himself pursued on the road, he crashes into a motorcyclist. Unable to recover from the shock, he leaves the crime scene and, in a fit of emotion, makes more mistakes. Deciding to turn to his father for help, he hopes to avoid trial and explain to the jury that he did not want the guy on the motorcycle dead.

“Your Honor ss 2”: release date, announcement

In August 2021, they officially started talking about the sequel to the crime drama “Your Honor”. It is known that the shooting is already in full swing, and the main character will still be the great actor Bryan Cranston.
The premiere of new episodes is scheduled for January 15, 2023!


Adam grew up as an obedient boy. He could not cope with the loss of his mother as a child. When she died, he sobbed for several hours without stopping until his body shut down and he fell asleep. His father Michael took the death of his wife hard, but behaved more steadfastly. Every year he remembered the death of his wife, came to the cemetery, but did not make a general tragedy out of this.

On another anniversary, Michael also came to the cemetery to be closer to his wife, then went to work in court. On that day, he considered the case of a mother with many children, whom a police officer falsely accused of possessing drugs. Having decided this case with success for the accused, Michael goes home.

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His son Adam said goodbye to his girlfriend in the morning and went to the place of his mother’s death to put a bouquet of flowers and her photograph there. Aggressive blacks began to approach him, and the guy had to hurry. He got into the car and tried to leave the place as soon as possible, but on the way he had an asthma attack.

Frame from the TV show

The guy began to gasp and had to bend over to get his inhaler. Adam could not stop as a tinted jeep was chasing behind him. At the moment when the boy’s attention was diverted not to the road, he moves off his lane and crashes into an unknown person on a motorcycle. Gasping for breath, Adam gets out of the car and tries to help the boy, but it’s too late – he choked on blood.

From fright, Adam leaves the scene and on the way makes many mistakes. When he gets home, he tells his father everything, and together they decide that they need to go to the police and tell what the matter is. On the way, Michael calls up with his influential friends and learns that a prison term is far from the worst way out for his son.

It turns out that the boy who died on the road was the only son of the head of the local drug cartel Jimmy Baxter. The man is famous for his vindictiveness, cruelty, and on television he declares that the criminal will be found in any case, which leads Michael to real horror. Plans are changing. Now Michael is ready to cover up his son with all his might and make sure that no one ever finds out about his offense…

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Actors and their roles

  • Michael – a judge; enjoys running sports marathons, often runs to the cemetery where his wife is buried; Michael is a good father, loved by his son, he never married again, focused on work and sports; tries to hide the child from justice and the evil thoughts of a local bandit, whose son was accidentally killed by Adam – Bryan Cranston.
  • Adam – Michael’s son; suffers from asthma attacks; in a state of shock, he ran into a motorcyclist who died in front of his eyes, then Adam fled the scene, leaving many traces, including witnesses who followed him at the time of the collision; Adam told everything to his father and now relies only on his help – Hunter Doohan.
  • Jimmy Baxter – a local mobster that the justice authorities know about and can’t jail him; his son fell prey to Adam’s carelessness; Jimmy is ready to go to any lengths to find the murderer of his son and try him according to the laws of the street, without giving up to the court – Michael Stuhlbarg.

Interesting Facts

  1. Many years have passed since the release of the cult show “Breaking Bad”, where Bryan Cranston played the gorgeous role of a drug dealer, but the actor still remains on the wave of popularity. Having the opportunity to show on his face the whole gamut of feelings, Brian immediately became a desirable element of the TV series for director Edward Berger.
  2. On the set of Season 1, Hunter Doohan was sprayed multiple times, causing him to catch cold twice. It was necessary to show how bad the guy is without an inhaler and how he worries about his consequences. To this end, he was often shown sweating, which was achieved with the help of water from a spray bottle. Hunter says it was scary to get sick during the pandemic.
  3. Michael Stuhlbarg has played different characters so many times that after his last comic roles it was very difficult to imagine the actor as a violent bandit. But even here he did not disappoint – the universal appearance helped Michael get used to the role from the first minutes. And the scar painted on his cheek added brutality and cruelty to his facial features.
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Your Honor Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1January 15, 2023
2x02Series 2January 22, 2023
2x03Series 3January 29, 2023
2x04Series 4February 5, 2023
2x05Series 5February 12, 2023
2x06Series 6February 19, 2023
2x07Series 7February 26, 2023
2x08Series 8March 5, 2023
2x09Series 9March 12, 2023
2x10Series 10March 19, 2023

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