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The story tells of two teenagers who are not completely satisfied with their own lives. Considering their existence practically meaningless, each of them dreams of a completely different life. So they would have lived to this day, if they had not once been changed by their own bodies.

When will the anime “Kimi no Na wa 2/ Your name 2” be released?

For a long time, the creators of the anime “Your Name” convinced viewers that the premiere of the second part would never take place. While they keep their word, but to the delight of fans of the film, it can be reported that in 2021 the premiere of the anime remake is planned, where the events will take place in the United States.


What can a teenager need? Nothing, just to stop the hormones from raging. In the case of Mitsuhi Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana, hormones splash over the edge, and the guys are completely dissatisfied with their destiny. Mitsukha lives in a provincial town and hopes to someday leave to meet the big city.

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But the strict father does not agree with the plans of his daughter and prefers to keep it with him. At this time, high school student Taki is forced to work in cafes as a waiter to make ends meet. He would like to settle in the mountains, but Tokyo’s fuss and education keep him on a raging place.

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The guys did not know about the existence of each other, but one night, while sitting in their own town, they made the same desire, and the next morning … They exchanged bodies! Hardly having mastered themselves, they tried to live each other’s lives.

Sometimes they were transferred back to their bodies and this process was impossible to foresee, so they decided to communicate using the phones in which they left notes for each other. At first, the guys did not get along too well, Mitsukha arranged for Taki to meet with a girl who did not like him at all, and Taki always found a way to win back.

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Soon, their relationship to each other has changed, but the intended meeting was overshadowed by the explosion of the town in which Miyamizu lived. Sadly Taki learned this too late and, trying to save Mitsuh, learns that between the years in which the guys live, there is a difference.

The actors of scoring / Seiyuu

  • Mitsuh Miyamizu is a high school student from a small town located in the mountains. Father Mitsuhi is the mayor of the city and he is rarely seen at home. Most often the heroine spends time with her sister and grandmother. Miyamizu simply dreams of living in Tokyo, but the father does not want to hear such words from the girl. This encourages Mitsuh to make a wish to be a guy so that his father can not stop her – Monet Kamisiraishi.
  • Taki Tachibana is a high school student forced to work part time in a restaurant to ensure life in Tokyo. Fascinated by architectural values, does not like Tokyo, made a wish for life in the mountains and without the hassle – Ryunosuke Kamiki.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The full-length film “Your name” was awarded dozens of prizes and was watched by all fans of anime paintings. This is not surprising – in 2016 the film “Your name” took the third place in the ranking at the box office.
  2. The first part of the film was awarded the title “Anime with the best musical accompaniment.” Yo Yamada, taking the place of the sound engineer, asked the Japanese group “RADWIMPS” to take part in the musical accompaniment. The guys gladly agreed and do not regret until now. There is a big likelihood that in the second part they will also be invited.
  3. Makoto Sinkai, who is the author of the original, took part in the editing, storyboarding and even became one of the filmmakers.
  4. In addition to the film, in 2016 a manga with the same name came out and hurried off. Manga was perceived ambiguously and until now many viewers are sure that the “cinematic” version turned out to be much more spectacular.

Your name 2 release date

NameRelease date
Your name 2not announced

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